Lord and Lady Lymington Visit The Camrose Centre

Lord and Lady Lymington recently visited staff and volunteers at The Camrose Centre,  a charity helping homeless and vulnerably housed people in Basingstoke.

Lord and Lady Lymington have supported The Camrose Centre in recent years with several generous grants. During their most recent visit they met with Corrine Marsh of creative arts and wellbeing project artWell. They heard how she uses creative arts to inspire imagination,  as well as promote mental wellbeing and inclusion amongst clients at the day centre at Glebe Hall in Basingstoke. 

The project has been a great success at the centre and Lord and Lady Lymington are pleased to be able to help fund the project at The Camrose Centre for another year.

“Our clients benefit hugely from the activities that artWell provides during our weekly sessions. It's not only a mindful activity that can remove people from their day-to-day worries, but it has also created positivity and confidence in our clients. We are extremely grateful to our guests for funding this special project during 2023.”

Corrine visits The Camrose Centre every week to work with clients; building self-confidence and instilling positivity during their homelessness recovery pathway. The generous grant means that this important project can definitely continue making an impact throughout 2023.
During the visit in November 2022, Lord and Lady Lymington spoke with clients, volunteers and staff to found out about more of the support work and different services that also take place at the centre.

Lord Lymington said: “We were inspired by our recent visit and the great work and commitment shown by volunteers’ supporting this important local provision.”

The Camrose Centre is a day centre in Basingstoke, supporting homeless and vulnerably housed members of the local community. It is funded by individual and corporate donations, trusts and grants, as well as Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council. To find out more about how you can help, or learn more about the amazing work they do head over to their website.

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